Legend Of The Blue Sea’ Episode 3, 4 Spoilers & Predictions: Shim Chung Gets Lost In Seoul; Kim Dam Ryung In Danger

Legend Of The Blue Sea’ Episode 3, 4 Spoilers & Predictions: Shim Chung Gets Lost In Seoul; Kim Dam Ryung In Danger


Legend Of The Blue Sea’ Episode 3, 4 Spoilers & Predictions: Shim Chung Gets Lost In Seoul; Kim Dam Ryung In Danger


“The Legend of the Blue Sea” episodes 3 and 4 are expected to showcase more hilarious scenes primarily with Jun Ji Hyun’s portrayal of her mermaid/human role as Shim Chung. Days before the airing of “The Legend of the Blue Sea” episode 3, SBS released some teaser images showing Shim Chung getting lost in Seoul. Will we see more of her crazy antics this week?

In “The Legend of the Blue Sea” episode 2, we saw Shim Chung and Joon Jae having a conversation about Seoul. While she is definitely clueless where Seoul is, she will manage to reach the South Korean capital after asking for help from some fishermen and probably more people traveling in the sea. Episode 3, which will air this Wednesday, Nov. 23, will witness her journey all the way from Spain to Seoul just to find her only human friend.

Interestingly, however, Lee Min Ho’s character Heo Joon Jae is not seen in the images. Hence, we can expect Shim Chung to spend some time adjusting to the bustling city life before she finally reunites with Joon Jae.

It was previously predicted that Joon Jae has forgotten Shim Chung which is probably true as Joon Jae moves on with his life as a con artist upon returning in Seoul. We can also assume that a mermaid’s kiss has some sort of effect on a human (which is similar to the premise of Jun Jin Hyun’s previous fantasy drama, “You From Another Star,” opposite Kim Soo Hyun). Is Joon Jae’s temporary amnesia the side effect of the kiss?

In the new “Legend of the Blue Sea” stills, Jun Ji Hyun’s charm is evident again as her character appears quite shocked and confused while looking at people on the busy streets of Seoul. She certainly looks like an outcast as she is wearing some oversized shirt and jogging pants in contrast to the more formal clothing of the people around her. In other photos, she is seen staring at some street food with a facial expression of one deprived of food for weeks. Hilariously, she holds a large seashell while exploring the city – is she planning to barter it with food?

Also, based on the new teaser video released by SBS, Shim Chung will manage to eat in a convenience store. And what else will fill her hunger but the K-drama staple food – ramen! However, while she may have “learned” how to use chopsticks, she still cannot help to eat like there’s no tomorrow while trying to converse with a child.

Shim Chung’s hilarious antics aside, we can expect to see Lee Min Ho in action as well. Based on the latest stills showing Lee Min Ho’s character in the past, Kim Dam Ryung, fans are in for some heart-stopping action in “Legend of the Blue Sea” episode 3 and 4. As the production team teased, this week’s episodes will give fans more reason to fall in love with the Hallyu actor with his skillful portrayal of his dual roles.In the past timeline, Lee Min Ho’s character as a noble man and newly appointed village chief is already getting closer to Jun Ji Hyun’s mermaid character. Their slowly budding romance will put Dam Ryung’s life in danger as he will be targeted by assassins most likely sent by the corrupt trafficker (Sung Dong Il) who wants to sell Shim Chung for huge profits.

Dam Ryung will be surrounded by his attackers while he quietly figures out a way to battle them all. A photo shows him riding a horse with a fierce look – is Shim Chung’s life in danger as well? Fans can expect episodes 3 and 4 to show more scenes from the past that will shed light on the mermaid and human’s original love story.

“The Legend of the Blue Sea” episode 3 airs Wednesday, Nov. 23 at 10 p.m. KST on SBS. Episode 4 will air Thursday, Nov. 24.


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